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Field Technician: Duties and Steps to Become a Field Technician

by Shafin
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Field technicians are responsible for on-site service and repair of a company’s products. Field technicians can work on numerous different types of products, including computers, PC’s, heating and cooling systems, security systems, factory machinery, and more. Generally, an appropriate certificate or associate’s degree preferred for this position.

As a field technician, your duties and responsibilities include traveling to workplaces to perform computer maintenance and repair for individuals and businesses. You need to solve the problems your customers have with the technology, including software and hardware issues. They usually travel by car to the customer’s home or business to remedy the situation on the job site. Their job is to listen to the customer’s concerns, diagnose the problem, and find a suitable solution.

A typical day of a field technician can include:

  1. Perform periodic maintenance visits to ensure that the systems are working properly
  2. Respond to customer repair requests.
  3. Install new products or systems
  4. Explain to the customer the correct functioning of the product.

Should I become a field technician?

Field tech jobs use specialized technical knowledge to install and maintain industrial equipment. These workers travel to perform such work on site. Depending on the type of equipment you are working with, a field technician may be known as a heavy vehicle or a diesel technician, an electric repairman, or a computer repair company. People can also specialize in an industry. For example, a technician in heavy vehicles and mobile devices can specialize in agricultural machinery. An electronic maintenance specialist can specialize in commercial tools such as antennas.

The environment in which a field technician works varies by industry: computer repairs are often performed in computer labs or office environments, while heavy vehicle technicians can work in vehicles at a station — repair or outdoor on-site. Most technicians work full time, but some are seasonal or work part-time, depending on the needs of the business. In January 2016, Payscale.com reported an average annual salary of $ 47,972 for field technicians.

Steps to Become a Field Technician

Step 1: Get a post-secondary education

A high school qualification is generally the minimum education required for a career as a field technician. However, certificate or associate programs can familiarize people with the latest technologies and ultimately improve employment opportunities. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It can see that employers often prefer applicants who have completed postsecondary sector-specific training.

People interested in a career in electronics repair can benefit from the courses in the discipline at a community college — associated courses in electronics and computer technology deal with topics such as programming, networking, and routing. The diesel technology certificate and the partner programs can provide the necessary training base for heavy machinery technicians. Individuals who want to be salesforce technicians in the computer industry can take advanced courses such as microcomputer systems, electronic circuits, and computer analysis.

Step 2: Gain Work Experience

Field technicians find employment in private companies or manufacturers. After hiring a field technician, employers often offer on-the-job training, regardless of a person’s post-secondary education. New employees can expect to learn the most technical details of a job during on-site training. For example, in the heavy machinery industry, necessary field technicians can begin to perform basic tasks under the supervision of an experienced technician, and progress with experience to perform routine maintenance and repairs independently.

Step 3: Win the Certification

For field service technicians in the heavy machinery, computer, and electronics industries, there are several voluntary certifications available. For example, the Association of Electronics Technicians, International, offers necessary electronic certifications and specialty certificates in this field. Besides, the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians provides certification programs for electronics technicians with different levels of experience. Maintaining certification generally requires continuing education or other professional development.

To become a field technician, you must first possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Although some jobs require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, some field jobs require only an associate’s degree or a vocational school certificate and offer additional occupational training. These programs teach you the basics of computer technology, including the repair and installation of software and hardware, to get the skills and qualifications you need to complete your career. Also, technical skills, you must be polite, professional, and have excellent communication and customer service skills.


According to PayScale, the usual salary of a field technician is $ 47,128 a year, with salaries ranging between $ 29,731, and $ 65,914. The highest-paid field technicians are in Seattle, where the average annual salary is $ 53,091.

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