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Royal Pool Free 8 ball pool for mobile

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8-ball pool is the most entertaining and most playing game in the united states.
You can play 8-ball pool on your mobile phone without physical existence of six packet table and cue stick.
Show your best performance against computer.

Playing 8-Ball Pool

Most playing and most entertaining gaming ever is 8-ball pool. This game is most playing is USA and one of the most popular online game. While starting the game one have an option to choose the level of game play i.e. easy, medium and hard.

Before starting the choose your own cue and table on which you want to play. Here it provides us an option to play with a friend or with computer. Different practicing modes are available. You can practice online with your friend, with computer and also with yourself.

An interesting feature of royal pool game is it can be played both online and offline. While starting a game if you want to play offline then login as a guest and enjoy this game offline. But if you want to challenge your friend online you need to login with your Facebook account and then it will you your all friends in your friend list that are active users of royal pool.

While playing this fantastic game you have to pocket all the balls. There are two type of balls striped and full. While playing first short try to open the whole cluster so that any one color ball will ported. If striped ball port first, then you need to finish all striped balls and then port black at the end in the selected pocket.

In the second case, if opponent port stripped ball then you need to port all full balls try to finish all balls before your opponent in order to win the match. Be care full while playing this fantastic game and make sure that black ball is safe and you did not port it before finishing the game. Increased your winning chances by following rules mentioned bellow

Rules of 8-Ball Royal Pool

  • Open the cluster in the safe way so chances of porting black ball reduce
  • Port only your balls.
  • Port only full or stripped ball depend on which ball you or your opponent 1st port
  • Do not hit and pocket black ball before finishing your balls
  • Before hitting black ball select the pocket
  • Make sure that black pocket in only selected pocket
  • If by mistake you pocket ball in the wrong pocket you will lose the game.

Facts of Royal Pool

  • The word ‘cue’ is derived from the French queue, which means ‘tail’
  • Royal pool is evolved from lawn game which explains why pool table is green
  • 8-ball pool was considering an illegal activity in early days of American history

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